Valet Key Boxes
Custom Designs Available
Secures All Keys and Remotes
Scrambles Key FOB Signal
The valet key boxes have taken us to the next level of product development with a variety of intriguing features. Our most eye catching feature is all style valet key boxes are manufactured of a special composite alloy to block the electronic signal securing your keyless vehicle and deterring car theft. If you are in the market for a basic style key box and opt not to utilize the specialized material, let us know. At Key Valet, you have the option to choose the material that will be best suited for your facility.
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This unique new product line is all patent pending.

Did you know?
Each year, somewhere between 800,000 and two million bicycles—worth some $50 million—are stolen. It's difficult to determine the precise number of stolen bikes, because most bike theft is never reported to law enforcement. EternaLock Bicycle Locks
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2012 Key FOB/Smart Key Statistics
According to the crime bureau's data, the first three months of 2012 saw 531,031 instances of replaced smart keys; 277 of these vehicles were stolen within a week of the key being replaced. Car Theft
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Key Valet is a family owned and operated job shop. Our chief machinist and facility engineers have over 35 years of machining and designing expertise. Key Valet's entire product line of security products is custom designed, manufactured and assembled on site. At Key Valet, our line of vehicle theft deterrents have been designed to virtually immobilize all automobile ignition devices; from your standard ignition key to keyless ignitions and remotes. As the automobile industry advances with vehicle technology, Key Valet will continue to design new products to secure all ignition keys and remotes. That is our promise to you! Key Valet services the needs of any public or private sector where ignition keys and remotes are at risk of being compromised or stolen.

Do you need a product manufactured from a specific material or custom designed to a certain shape and size?

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"Professional Car Thieves" have the know-how and experience to steal any car but Key Valet can help you deter them from your vehicle. If you feel your vehicle or valet operations are at risk, call us today for a free quote. All products are individually key coded for security purposes and kept on file in our corporate data base. Avoid being a car theft statistic and let Key Valet bring you thief relief.
Secure Locking System
Unique, state of the art, 100% Stainless Steel Locking System. Designed and manufactured to secure all your applications.
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FOB Key/Smart Keys
Device Blocks Transponder Signal
Key FOB Disabler International Reviews
I received the product yesterday (30 December,2013) here in Perth (Australia), and am very pleased with it. It works exactly as advertised. I see too that you can actually separate the lid from its cylinder safe (if I may call it that), lock the lid with the key, and then at a later time, lock the lid to the cylinder safe without having to have recourse again to the key. This could be convenient in certain situations where you don’t want to leave someone with the cylinder safe key, but you do want them to lock the car key into the cylinder safe.
~Patrick B., Dalkeith, WA, Australia
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Vehicle Theft 2013
Driver's Beware
According to the Insurance Information Institute, in 2013, the five states with the highest vehicle thefts were California, Texas, Florida, Illinois and Georgia.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that a vehicle is stolen every 33 seconds in the United States.
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